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Latest News on our Bespoke Furniture & Timber Staircases

The Arts & Crafts Movement

Arts and Crafts KitchenThe Arts and Crafts Movement began in Britain around 1880 and quickly spread across America and Europe.

It grew out of a concern for the effects that industrialisation was having on design, on traditional skills and even on the lives of ordinary people. The two most influential figures of the Arts and Crafts Movement were the  John Ruskin  and  William Morris.  Ruskin had strong ideas about the relationship between art, society and labour. Morris was the craftsman who put Ruskin's ideas into practice. He placed great value on working with the hands, the joy of craftsmanship and the beauty of natural materials.

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Bespoke contemporary bookcase with inlays

A simple yet beautiful contemporary bookcase with inlays.  

This is an example of one the bespoke designs created in our workshop by our master craftsmen. It is an example of bespoke furniture in the  Arts and Crafts style.

Commissioned for the same property as the Arts & Crafts staircase in the preceding article. All veneered oak, with purple heart inlays which will match the carpet. The drawers are on metallic runners.  

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Bespoke George III set of chairs & carvers. Update II

The carving of the chairs is now making steady progress. 

It is by all means a slow progress but we don't believe in rushing things. Hand-carving of this quality can only be achieved by taking your time. 

At present, 2 of the chairs are totally finished. We now need to consult the upholsterer to work out the seat and then, it's decorating. 


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Bespoke Arts & Crafts kitchen design and build

We are currently finishing the fitting of a small bespoke kitchen in solid American white ash.

The brief was clear: managing, in a small space, to give our client as much storing space as possible while not cluttering the available area with too many cupboards. 

This bespoke kitchen design was built in American white ash for the structure and door frames, with olive ash panels and wenge beads and handles.

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George III set of chairs & carvers

One of our latest commissions: a set of  George III chairs and carvers. One of our past patrons approached us to explore the possibility of making a set of chairs and carvers for his home in North Yorkshire. The design was originally to be based on a set of chairs which can be found in a church in Hertfordshire but was subsequently deemed inappropriate or, more so, too severe.

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