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Bespoke Timber Staircases

Staircases are an important part of every home, not to say a central part of it. More often than not, they are the focus point of every entrance hall, a statement to your guest as to what they are to expect. One might even be tempted to consider the staircase as the spinal cord of the house since it links all the different levels with each other and in a way, brings to the house it’s life and true purpose: be it a grand staircase, a secondary concrete one or an attic staircase, take it away and a house becomes an empty shell, devout of meaning where you might as well live on the ground floor.

Further afield, the staircase is of  symbolic importance: it is often represented as the medium between Heaven and Earth, drawn rising majestically through the clouds. It is as well used to represent the spiritual elevation of the being, the attainment to a higher level of consciousness.

In brief, and whether we look at the staircase as a symbol or as a mean to go up and down between floors, the staircase is an intrinsic part of our lives; we all use one several times in the day, without even thinking about it and yet, we probably couldn’t do without it.

Made to measure timber staircases in oak, mahogany and hardwoods

Timber staircases are where we excel and the core of our business.

Building up on over 25 years of experience in this field, we design, manufacture and fit probably some of the most unique bespoke staircases in the UK today. Whatever shape or form, with a particular emphasis on curved and grand staircases, we can find the best solution for your home, making the best use of the space available.

We primarily use hardwood with a particular fondness for oak, often mixing materials like burrs, glass or even stainless steel; whether in a classic or contemporary style, our staircases stand apart from the rest and bring another dimension to your home as well as a feeling of uniqueness.

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