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Creating your dream wooden staircase or bespoke furniture with Silvanus Interiors

Bespoke timber staircase Although we often work with architects and designers on a wide range of projects, as we currently are in Knightsbridge in the fitting of a private hotel, we most commonly deal directly with our clients. This enables us to form a bond and build trust which are immeasurably important when working on a project which will often define our client's lives for years to come and where there are usually reasonable financial implications involved.

Through face to face meetings, we get to know both our clients and their project so we can best advise them on the way forward in order to make their vision become a reality, their dream come true. We will advise them on the best use of space, the most suitable material as well as the most efficient way of bringing the project to a close.

To this end and as well as practical verbal advice, we use the latest 3D modelling software and, in  this instance, SolidWorks. Since we use only traditional methods of work, this is a classic example of how we have managed to mix the old and new and brought them together for your benefit: we can produce a 3 dimensional model of the requested piece, be it a staircase, a piece of furniture or else. Those models are particularly useful with staircases where visualising the finished product isn't always easy, and in particular for our clients who, unlike us who do this from morning till dawn, do not necessarily have the faculty to see in space what the finished article will look like.

Upon finishing the drawing of the model, it can then be sent as an eDrawing file which is specific to SolidWorks. All that is required is that you click on the file and eDrawing will install itself on your computer. You can then use your mouse to rotate the model at will and view it at different angles.

 For more specific commissions, like woodcarving, we can supply you with artistic drawings after discussing your requirements.

Carved Family TreeOur Green Credentials

We work almost exclusively with hardwood timber and, where those are concerned, indigenous species where the timber felled comes invariably from well managed forest where re-planting is carried out on a regular basis therefore minimising the impact on the environment.

We do upon request work with exotic timbers as long as they can be traced back as coming from certified forests.

Our own waste is recycled through the local community. Shavings are sold to local farmers or horse owners to be used as litter and timber off-cuts are given away for the use in wood burners or chimneys